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The mission of this organization is to offer various community services in the areas of Awareness, Mental Health, Wellness, Senior Services, Virtual Events & Activities including discussions addressing topics that impact our communities. Help for those whom are underprivileged, in an effort to stimulate growth and development, open to all individuals seeking assistance. By providing for individuals the necessary resources and tools we aim to provide the opportunity for them to enhance their own lives, their families lives, and the neighborhoods they reside in, stimulating all communities to focus on the things that really matter in life. We believe it is possible with the proper training individuals can maintain self-reliant communities, providing for themselves at the very least the necessities of life. Healthy relationships can be achieved, we can show love to one another and care for a total stranger. In our current situation of a PANDEMIC we need to be there for each other, now more than ever we have to be aware, we would like to offer assistance to help people stay safe and protected as much as possible.

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I Matter Community is Born

January 13th 2021

I Matter Community Inc. is a family organization that was a concept for at least 5 years before becoming a reality. It is one of my greater accomplishments that I am very proud to have created with the help of the Most High and my family  to benefit others in need. We will focus our attention in the areas of Mental Health, Senior Services and Community Outreach. Any help to our organization will be greatly appreciated. Look out for more updates as I will be very active while we are experiencing some uncertainties within our lives. Please feel free to leave feedback. Look forward to meeting you.

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I Matter Community Inc.

February 1, 2021

We are seeking sponsorships for our community events and programs, if you can assist us in this area please reach out at your earliest convenience. Health & Wellness Kits will be distributed once a month once we are officially up and operational. We also would like to provide a place for people who have no where to live or take care of their hygienic obligations, providing clothing if needed, meals and more. 
We will be fund raising to accomplish some of our goals initially. Keep an eye open for our Donation button, all contributions are appreciated and will help make a difference in the life of another.
Email us: imattercommunity@gmail.com
Please contact 804 250-1511 if you have any questions