I Matter Community Mission Statement


The mission of this organization is to offer various community services in the areas of Awareness, Mental Health, Wellness, Senior Services, Virtual Events & Activities including discussions addressing topics that impact our communities. Help for those whom are underprivileged, in an effort to stimulate growth and development, open to all individuals seeking assistance. By providing for individuals the necessary resources and tools we aim to provide the opportunity for them to enhance their own lives, their families lives, and the neighborhoods they reside in, stimulating all communities to focus on the things that really matter in life. We believe it is possible with the proper training individuals can maintain self-reliant communities, providing for themselves at the very least the necessities of life. Healthy relationships can be achieved, we can show love to one another and care for a total stranger. In our current situation of a PANDEMIC we need to be there for each other, now more than ever we have to be aware, we would like to offer assistance to help people stay safe and protected as much as possible.

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