Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Independent Artist Services Available

Get your consultations to know what your next step should be. Services are available like:
Custom EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
Nielsen BDS encoding
Registering you & your work with BMI/ASCAP
US Copyright Office
Sound Exchange
Social Network Promotion with Record Pool Submission
Digital Distribution
Paid Shows 
All services are available, all budgets are welcome. However YOU MUST have a budget!! Nothing worth having is FREE, my time is valuable as well as yours and if you plan on making it you must invest in yourself.. So lets work productively and handle the business properly. Im ready when you are.. Inbox me anytime!!
If you would like to receive a consultation reply with your name, number and what you would like to be consulted on. Be prepared to at least make a donation.. Lets Work!!

I found out you have to sell tickets, the other option I have available requires payment of at least $300 More opportunities coming soon. I am an Independent Music Artist Advocate who has your back when it comes to taking care of the business side of your music career. You can relax a little this is not a scam nor is it a gimmick of any type I am genuinely here to support independent artists because I started as one and there was no one there offering much of anything.

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